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En mild håndsåpe med mnaturlige ingredienser beriket med vitamin E og Glycerin for både å rense og gi fukt på samme tid. Huden føles ren, myk og pleiet etter bruk.



The enthralling unknown of the deep, dark forest is captured in this verdant fragrance. Fresh and alive, it evokes the forests of story books, where paths are easily lost and the trees are seemingly sentient. Herbal top notes of eucalyptus and thyme are paired with bergamot. This is followed by heart notes of rosemary, jasmine and galbanum (an aromatic gum resin found in plants). These are set against a powerful woody backdrop of cypress and cedarwood.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Eucalyptus, Thyme
Mid Notes: Rosemary, Jasmine, Galbanum
Base Notes: Cypress, Cedarwood

Plum & Ashby

Plum & Ashby

Plum & Ashby ble grunnlagt i 2013 og har hatt stor suksess med sine herlig duftende produkter. De produserer duftlys, kremer og såper. Produktene er i høy kvalitet - designet med ren, enkel, elegant og gjennomtenkt estetikk. Duftlysene er utrolig drøye. Produsert i England av soyavoks som helles for hånd i de nydelige glassene. Med den gjennomgående gode kvaliteten, de herlige duftene og det vakre designet på disse produktene er det umulig å ikke bli en umiddelbar fan!

Produsentens beskrivelse av duftene: 

Our most popular and bestselling Seaweed and Samphire fragrance includes notes of salty seaweed with woody, musky tones of samphire. Available as a luxury hand wash, body lotion and gorgeous scented candle, everyone in the family will just adore this light and refreshing fragrance.

Our Wild Fig & Saffron fragrance is truly fitting autumnal scent. It makes you think of wild woodlands brimming with juicy blackcurrants, ripe fresh figs and luxurious saffron. 

Introducing our new Vetiver & Lavender fragrance. This will make a delightful addition to your fragrance collection. Capturing some of our favourite aromas of soothing lavender, sweet jasmine and earthy vetiver. 

New for 2018! Our Green Fig fragrance is a subtle yet captivating scent, exotic Mediterranean figs, gently blended with woody notes from the eastern region where figs are grown.

New for 2018! Our Pomegranate fragrance, filled with warm aromas of sun drenched pomegranates picked at the perfect moment of ripening from the branches of the fruit trees. A rich and warm fragrance spiced with base notes of deep amber and inviting woodland. 

Heather & Hay. Early mornings with the sunshine glistening upon a bouquet of heady heather and freshly cut English roses. A delightful blend of Scottish bluebell, rose and earthy hay sit above a deep base evocative of the open woodlands. A beautiful welcoming scent to fill your home.

Sweet and luxurious Honey & Amber, blended with top notes of sweet vanilla essence and zesty citrus. A welcoming scent reminiscent of warm days and long walks through blooming fields in the British countryside with bumblebees busily flying by.




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